Our City Weston Magazine “Best of Weston” Winner 2018

“Zona Blu – Best Italian Restaurant”

In a community where there is an Italian restaurant in just about every shopping center, Zona Blu has earned the distinction of being voted Best of Weston every year since it opened. The award winning restaurant just added to its accolades after being named Best West Broward Restaurant 2017.

The family-owned and operated restaurant was designed to be both welcoming and warm. The owners’ wish was for guests to feel as if they are enjoying a homemade meal in a quaint Italian home.

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“Best West Broward Restaurant 2017”

Sardinia is an Italian island where a notable percentage of the population lives past 100. National Geographic labels such places Blue Zones. Zona Blu in Weston, which opened in 2015, features Sardinian cuisine such as seafood with couscous and spaghetti with bottarga, pressed salt-cured mullet roe. We’re not sure you’ll make it to 100 if you regularly devour the delicious antipasto platters or pasta a la ruota, twirled and flambeed in the hollowed out scrapings of a Grana Padano cheese wheel, but you’ll eat well trying.

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Our City Weston Feature Story

“There’s More to Celebrate as Zona Blu Commemorates its Second Anniversary”

by Stacey Bomser
Zona Blu just celebrated its second anniversary with a “Cena Sarda”, a seven-course Sardinian dinner with perfectly paired wines. While the party may be over, the Sardinian style Italian restaurant remains the toast of the town, continually racking up awards and accolades…

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DRW Magazine Feature Story

“Summer Dining, Sardinian Style”

Zona Blu transformed the Weston dining scene when it opened almost two years ago. With its unique focus on Sardinian Italian cuisine – lighter and healthier than the fare served at traditional “red sauce” Italian restaurants – Zona Blu introduced us to the culinary secrets of one of the world’s five “blue zones”…

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Our City Weston Magazine “Best of Weston” Winner

“Zona Blu – Best Italian Restaurant”

From fresh seafood to homemade pasta, Zona Blu is an Italian restaurant like no other. It has earned the prestigious “Ospitalitá Italiana – Quality Approved” seal, which signifies that its Italian cuisine is authentic, with real Italian imported ingredients of the highest order…

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Cover of the September 2016 issue of “City & Shore” magazine, featuring Zona Blu as their outstanding restaurant award winner.City & Shore Magazine Feature Story

“What They Bring to the Table—The Best New Restaurants”

by Rebecca Cahilly-Taranto

Of the many restaurants that have opened in the past year, our picks for the top chefs and concepts of 2016 stand out for their atmosphere, originality of concept and high-caliber cuisine…

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Image: Our City Weston magazine cover featuring Zona BluOur City Weston Magazine Feature Story

“Zona Blu Celebrates One Year Anniversary”

by Stacey Bomser

It’s been one year since Zona Blu first opened its doors and welcomed Weston diners to sample a taste of Sardinia. In this short time, the restaurant has made a splash on the South Florida restaurant scene with its fresh flavors and unique dishes from the beautiful Mediterranean island off the coast of Italy…

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Zona Blu featured in “My Wine on Tap” promotional video

by Rebecca Cahilly-Taranto

Welcome to a clean and faster operation, save storage space and the planet from waste. Wine will always be served at the right temperature, without oxidation, just as it came out of the winery. More wines are available without excessive risk of product waste.

As the wine is poured, an inert gas fills the tanks, avoiding the oxygen to touch the wine before time. Guests enjoy their individual choices of wines, you enjoy happy guests. Give your guests their perfect glass of wine every time.

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C&S-CoverCity & Shore Magazine review

“Tour of Italy”

by Rebecca Cahilly-Taranto

From Weston to Delray Beach, charming al fresco trattorias and romantic fine dining ristorantes bring Italian culture, charm and cuisine to South Florida. To sift through the options and present but a few Nisan arduous task. But oh, so delizioso…

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 InWeston-0316Cover_602x783InWeston Magazine writeup

“Hitting the Blue Zone”

by Jennifer Agress

Lately, all anyone can talk about are the “Blue Zones”—those parts of the world, like Sardinia, with the highest concentrations of healthy, happy people living 100 years or more. And thanks to Sardinian sisters Sheila David and Debbie Bautista, and their restaurateur uncle, Giulio Ledda, we now have a taste of its magic right here in Weston: Zona Blu. The brainchild of Executive Chef Andrea Fadda, this new addition to the Weston restaurant scene first opened its doors in September 2015—and to the delight of anyone who’s been there, it’s been packed ever since…

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Zona Blu on Que Sabroso TV (Weston segment)

Link to Our section only

The full show. Our feature starts at about 7:15. Enjoy!

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 andrea-fadda-chef-200x234Vistanet Article

“Cagliaritani nel mondo. Andrea Fadda, da Sant’Anna Arresi a Miami”

by Maria Luisa Porcella Ciusa

Andrea Fadda, da Sant’Anna Arresi a Miami, dalla calda Sardegna all’assolata Florida per stupire e conquistare i suoi clienti con piatti d’eccellenza dal cuore isolano: uno chef che ha fatto la sua fortuna oltreoceano ma con un bagaglio di sapori, profumi e ingredienti che mai lo hanno abbandonato…

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Our City Weston Magazine—January 2016

Our City Weston Magazine—January 2016

Our City Weston Magazine writeup

“Sample a Taste of Sardinia at Zona Blu”

by Stacey Bomser

Zona Blu is not your typical Italian restaurant. In addition to fresh homemade pastas and wood-fired pizza, it serves authentic Sardinian-style cuisine. Tempt your taste buds with unique dishes from the beautiful Mediterranean island of Sardinia…

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Weston Lifestyle Magazine—September 2015

Weston Lifestyle Magazine—September 2015

Weston Lifestyle Magazine writeup (September 2015 Issue)

“Sardinia Comes to Weston”

by Beverly Barna

With its white-sand beaches, miles of pristine coastline, verdant mountainous and historical Bronze Age ruins, Sardinia boasts yet another claim to fame: It’s No. 1 among the so-called fi ve global Blue Zones, which are home to populations that live longer than the average life span. The people living on this small Italian island are 10 times more likely to reach the age of 100 than those living in the United States…

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